Sheep Placenta Capsules

Sheep Placenta, combined with grape seed extract, provides a rich source of antioxidants for cellular protection and overall health. Safeguard your tissues, including the heart, brain, and liver, against oxidative damage.

 Sheep Placenta Vege-Capsules with Grapeseed Extract and Vitamin E offer a high-quality, modern approach to revitalizing ancient vitality-boosting ingredients. With a rich history in traditional Chinese Medicine and even usage by the British Royal Family, sheep placenta has long been recognized for its medicinal and tonic properties in improving general health for both men and women.

Discover the power of NutriNZ Sheep Placenta and its impressive benefits for both genders:

Powerful Anti-Aging Benefits: Experience the antioxidant boost of sheep placenta, combating cellular damage, rejuvenating the body, and enhancing skin elasticity. Reduce the appearance of wrinkles while promoting strong hair and nail growth with placenta proteins and growth factors.

Antioxidant Support: Our sheep placenta, combined with grape seed extract, provides a rich source of antioxidants for cellular protection and overall health. Safeguard your tissues, including the heart, brain, and liver, against oxidative damage.

Circulatory System Health: Regulate cholesterol levels and treat inflammatory diseases in the circulatory system, such as atherosclerosis, with the help of sheep placenta.

Mood Regulation: Restore balance within your body and regulate mood levels, including depression symptoms, with sheep placenta. Corticotropin-releasing CRH present in the placenta assists in improving sleeping patterns.

Energy and Vitality Boost: Experience increased energy levels and vitality with the comprehensive range of lipids, proteins, minerals, vitamins, and growth factors found in sheep placenta. Promote cell growth and rejuvenate your overall well-being.

Hormonal Balance: Restore hormonal balance, regulate menstruation, and alleviate menopausal symptoms with the hormonal and enzymatic properties of sheep placenta. It has also shown success in treating female infertility and blocking fallopian tubes, while providing benefits for male hormonal health as well.

Immune System Support: Strengthen and regulate your immune system with the essential components found in sheep placenta. Benefit from the passive transfer of immunity against various infections through specific antibodies.

Improved Sleep and Mental Health: Enjoy improved sleep patterns by reducing stress, pain, and exhaustion with sheep placenta. The bioactive components and growth factors aid in establishing a well-balanced mind and body, promoting mental alertness and awareness.

Sexual Energy Enhancement: Restore balance within your body, improve sexual energy and function with the rich source of gonadotropins present in sheep placenta. Enhance blood circulation to vital tissues and reduce stress, renewing sexual fulfillment for both men and women.

Active Ingredients (per capsule): 
New Zealand Sheep Placenta: 300mg freeze-dried powder per capsule
Grape Seed Extract: 120mg
Natural Vitamin-E: 15mg

No Added artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. Free of GMO.


Adults: Take 1 Vege-Capsule daily
Can be taken anytime, with food or on an empty stomach.

Note: It is important for new customers to bear in mind that everybody’s metabolism and absorption rate varies. Most supplements can take up to 3 months to make a difference. We advise you to consider this for your order.

Seek medical advice if you are taking prescription medication.

Please note, that the above are recommended daily intakes, which can be doubled during periods of  physical or mental stress.

What is Sheep Placenta?

Sheep Placenta is a unique organ found in mammals that connects the developing fetus to the womb, providing essential oxygen and nutrients. We harvest fresh sheep placenta from healthy New Zealand sheep immediately after birth. The placenta undergoes a sterilization process and is freeze-dried to preserve its valuable nutrients.

Why choose New Zealand sheep?

New Zealand’s farming practices adhere to strict regulations regarding the use of antibiotics and non-GMO methods. This ensures that NutriNZ Sheep Placenta is safe for human consumption, free from diseases, and devoid of harmful chemicals.

Why has Sheep Placenta become more accessible recently?

While the health benefits of Sheep Placenta have been recognized for nearly a century, it was predominantly available in costly injection form. Thanks to advancements in biotechnology, we can now collect sheep placenta and extract its active ingredients using our unique centrifuge process. The resulting freeze-dried powder is encapsulated, making it more convenient and affordable for consumption.

How do the nutrients in Sheep Placenta benefit the skin?

Sheep placenta contains collagen, which serves as building blocks for tissue growth and aids in cell hydration. Additionally, the presence of vitamin E assists in repairing damaged skin.

Is Sheep Placenta safe during pregnancy, while trying to conceive, or during breastfeeding?

Yes, Sheep Placenta is generally safe for consumption during pregnancy, as it can contribute to boosting the immune system and combating morning sickness. It has also shown benefits for fertility in both men and women. However, it is essential to consult your GP or healthcare provider for personalized advice.

Is Sheep Placenta with Grape Seed Extract and Vitamin E suitable for all ages?

Absolutely. Our Sheep Placenta with Grape Seed Extract and Vitamin E is suitable for adults of all ages, providing general health benefits and combating premature signs of aging. It effectively fights free radicals that can damage cells, making it suitable for individuals with mature skin as well.

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